multiLine 2 dc classic

The upholstered armrests are 56 cm long, 17 cm wide and can be moved by a swivel head. Therefore they allow avariety of arm positions: Adjustment in direction up to 180° and inclination +/- 25°. In the sitting position the armrests can be folded up in order that the personnel have easy access to the lounger and the client.

multiLine dc was especially designed for treatments such as dialysis and chemotherapy where patients are burdened with long-term lying. This is the reason why multiLine 2 dc stands out with a very comfortable and extra thick upholstering. When the lounger is moved to the relaxing position the legrest extends automatically, creating a comfortable posture also for tall patients.

The lounger is identical in construction with the multiLine 2 hve and possesses the same electromotive adjustment possibilities of the upper part and the chassis. all accessories of the multiLine 2 lounger system can be used for the multiLine 2 dc.

Basically used as: chemotherapy chair, dialysis chair