With its special chassis (disc wheels of 300 mm and braked rear guide castors of 125 mm), taxelo easily travers barriers such as thresholds and small platforms. In connection with its gummed handle, taxelo has all features clinics and homes expect a chair to have.

The upper part of the chair can be reclined with the help of levers, fixed on both sides under the armrests. It may also be inclined forward by 5° allowing an easy entrance and exit. The upper part can be reclined steplessly into a relax position. The legrest can be adjusted continuously with the help of a lever, which is fixed underneath the seat, or simply by pulling it up. In connection with the seat inclination, the legrest can be adjusted from a relieving relax position up to a 19° elevated position of the legs.

taxelo is also available with a large gummed footrest which may also be loaded with a maximum weight of 200 kg.