multiLine 2

multiLine 2 is a model range with individual elements: 2 different backrests, 5 different armrests and 3 different legrests can be combined with an electrical, hydraulic or not adjustable chassis and a manual or electromotive adjustment of the lying surface. Hence the lounger can be configured for nearly all areas of application.


fix: not adjustable in height, seat height: 56 cm 
hvh: hydraulically adjustable in height from 53 to 87 cm by a lever mounted on both sides. Smooth-running, indestructible and independent of the electricity network!
hve: electrically adjustable in height (53-87 cm) by a wired remote control with a magnetic safety key. The lounger can be equipped with a battery to use it temporarily independent of the network.

The 4 closed double castors have a diameter of 125 mm, which facilitates an easy maneuverability - even in small rooms. The front right castor has a rolling direction adjustment for a good handling e.g. on long floors. In addition the castor is electrically conductive. When operating the foot pedal (for backward inclination) all 4 castors block automatically.

adjustment of the lying surface

manually: The backrest and legrest are synchronously adjustable to the horizontal by a gas spring. The legrest can be moved separately.
electromotive: The backrest and legrest as well as the height can be adjusted synchronously or separately by a remote control. The magnetic safety key, which remains in the hands of the personnel, avoids unauthorized utilization. The lounger can be equipped with a battery to use it temporarily independent of the network.

The inclination of the lying surface permits a cardiologic bedding and relaxing position in the half lying position (after having loosened the arrester). Furthermore a head low position up to -10° is possible in the flat position. The adjustment from the sitting to the horizontal position can be operated easily and smoothly.


There is a one-part and a two-part backrest. The header of the two-part backrest can be dismounted, prolonged by 20 cm and folded backwards up to 100°. The lounger can also be equipped with an extra head bolster from our accessories program.


3 different armrests and integrated side protecting rails are available: all of them can completely be folded up and down. Please refer to the following double page for more detailed information.


Besides the standard model there is a legrest extendable by 20 cm and a legrest extendable by 20 cm and foldable.


Definite shapes, functional coverings of the mechanic parts and disinfectable surfaces are designed for the hygienically conditions of hospitals.


Our accessories program accounts for all aspects of a possible application area.


Basically used as:

examination chair, treatment lounger, EEG chair, ECG chair, examination chair for medical ultrasonics, intensive care chair, phlebotomy chair, infusion therapy lounger, post operation lounger, lounger for ambulant operations, mobilisation chair, transport chair, care chair