Work stools with foot release

GREINER developed a special foot release for these chairs and stools which has an astounding functional value when having to work with sterile or dirty gloves. Here the release is done by actuating the round disc which is situated on top of the base part. This disc can be actuated from all sides, the footring for these models comes as a standard. The stool is high adjustable from 54 to 73 cm. All workstools are equipped with safety castors which keep the chair in its position when not sitting on it. All work stools have a highly polished aluminium base part and a chrome-plated column. All chairs and stools are also available in an electroconductive version.

The seats of the workstools with foot release have a diametre of 40 cm. As an alternative you can also get a seat with an ergonomically shaped conical design in the front part. This shape automatically helps taking away pressure from the surgeon's thighs.