GREINER & Brain Science Tools: Solution for rTMS research

Modern research requires flexible solutions. We are delighted that we have been able to further develop our popular CarryLine fix treatment chair together with the innovative company Brain Science Tools. The flexible production of GREINER medbest and the broad basic product range now enable the Dutch company to integrate an ideally matched treatment chair for rTMS research into its portfolio.

Brain Science Tools - innovative company on the world market

Brain Science Tools, based in the Netherlands, develops, certifies and produces neurostimulation devices and MRI lead technologies for scientific laboratories and clinics. Through consistent innovations, their neural navigator has been used all over the world since 2004. The company also offers consulting, training and, of course, solutions for TMS and rTMS.

TMS: Technology and challenges for GREINER

By TMS technology we mean transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is able to both stimulate and inhibit parts of the brain by means of strong magnetic fields. The technology is therefore an important component of neuroscientific research and is used, among other things, in research on shopping behaviour or depression.

The aim of the Brain Science Tools was to offer international research institutes and specialist clinics a complete solution in the field of TMS technology. In addition to the easy-to-use rTMS system with included software and MRT-guided neuronavigation, this complete solution should also include a treatment chair perfectly adapted to the situation. All components were to be designed in such a way that they could be seamlessly integrated into the system. Brain Science Tool commissioned the GREINER team of specialists with this challenge. The Challenge was born.

Together for the optimal and economical solution

Due to the very differentiated product range of GREINER GmbH, it was possible to use a suitable treatment chair as a basis for further development. This not only saved R&D costs, but also considerably shortened the time to market.

The Carryline fix treatment chair served as a suitable basic model. A needs analysis enabled the chair to be designed, adapted and further developed in such a way that it is now an integral part of the rTMS solution. Thus it is versatile and easy to adjust and at the same time comfortable for the patient. It relies on a special neck support so that the physicians can comfortably fix the patient's head and attach the measuring coils to the head at various points. Together with the armrests and the adjustable leg pads, the patient's brain currents can also be recorded over a longer period of time - simply because the test person or patient feels comfortable in his or her surroundings.