New GREINER side tables BT and BT plus

They roll in softly: the new GREINER side tables BT and BT plus. Developed and designed as high-quality products for the therapy chairs MULTILINE NEXT DC and IT, the side tables keep the comfort of the patient in the centre.

Most possible comfort to patients

The flexible side tables, BT with a fixed, and BT plus with a swivelling tray, make all wishes come true to offer the most possible comfort to patients during therapy times like dialysis or chemotherapy, as well as other treatments. They are built in a unique mix out of stability and easiness, adjustable with only one hand, appropriate for the grabbing of certain things, which serve for the well-being of the patient.

Like our GREINER slogan “We design quality.” the new side tables set standards. Functionality, ergonomics, stability and hygiene are well thought-out and realised in high-quality; that’s exactly why they meet all requirements of the patients and the care staff.

The stabile carrier “made by GREINER” and the smooth castors make the tables on the one hand very movable and on the other hand they stand for a safe burden on the tray of up to 30 kilogram. Efficient pneumatic springs allow a safe height lift of the tray of 79 to 104 centimetres with one hand – even by the patients. The tray can be titled ergonomically by 20° or 40° from the horizontal position to both sides. Moreover, they are removable with recessed grips, true-to-measure formed for standardized food trays as well as for clinical and hygienic accessories.

Each surface is resistant and especially appropriate for an easy and fast surface disinfection. Discover here how to improve your offer for your clients and how to get the best out of the efficiency of your support.

Side tables BT and BT plus at a glance:

  • functional, stabile and comfortable side tables with smooth-running mobility
  • stabile carrier for high security when burdened with up to 30 kg
  • comfortable height adjustment with only one hand – even by patients
  • ergonomic mechanic for tilting of the tray by 20° or 40° (BT plus), for both sides
  • removable trays with recessed grips, safely fixed
  • perfect hygiene because of surfaces that are easy to clean
  • accessories and equipment variants for versatile use