Even the perfect, the elegant, the well-groomed – in short, the most attractive - eventually get old after a long period of sustained success. And who knows that better than the exceptionally insightful reps of the hairdressing family? So, what exactly does it take? Good ideas, meticulous care, a modern look – or, to put it in the words of designers: a facelift. That is what the GREINER classic COSMOLORE shampoo armchairs, the original featuring a backwash basin, has just undergone.

Since its premiere on the market, COSMOLORE's design – be it as single armchairs or benches with 2 and 3 seats – has created a buzz. The wide variety of features is easily recognisable: In addition to the standard version, which comes in numerous colour variants and cover materials with matching black or white basins, upgrades with electrically adjustable leg rests and massage units in the backrest round out the range. This allows for unique seating and reclining comfort during a hair wash.

Always setting the technical standard


From a technical point of view, too, COSMOLORE has always been an example of functional form and structural clarity. The seat/back cushion can be completely removed with a flick of the wrist so that the sophisticated internal mechanism (featuring installation and fastening elements) is easily accessible. This helps with installation and service, and allows for quick access to the water connection in the rare event of a malfunction. The Aqua Stop solution that stands for safety.

Classic shape – new slim line

Until now, COSMOLORE has been available as a row-formation wash armchair with spaced armrests for each individual customer, or as a compact solution as a multi-seat bench in a space-saving unit. Now the new version – featuring narrower armrests – is finding its place in more compact spaces. The new COSMOLORE – with narrow armrests measuring just 80 millimetres – saves around 85 millimetres in width for each washbasin. With a 4-seater bench, for example, this saves almost half a space. And not to be forgotten: The new slim line is available at no extra cost and at the same price as the classic design.




Now there is room for COSMOLORE in even the smallest corner.

In many cases, limited space in small salons in inner-city locations means that the shampoo area has to be very slim, with only two or three places. With its narrow armrests, COSMOLORE is so well suited to accommodating that fact that, in individual cases, it is also possible to place 2 shampoo armchairs next to each other for even greater comfort. Customers have everything they need, and the ergonomics for washing their hair are second to none. The washbasin retains its full size with this slender design.






The secret lies in the new installation options

It has never been easier to install a COSMOLORE in a hair salon – no matter what the size. Thanks to the new installation fittings, all COSMOLORE and COSMOLORE 2 shampoo chairs are now made installation-ready for side connection to the wall.




This allows for much more freedom when taking water connection and drainage sanitary requirements into account. Access is possible from the side and from the back. Depending on your design, the required accessories for installation ducts and shafts are included in your order to keep things simple.

Elegant charm and distinct beauty with a keen sense for detail

With to the new COSMOLORE models, GREINER helps you use the handcrafted furnishings as a style-defining feature – shaping the overall feel of every salon. Discover how GREINER can help you give the shampoo area a brand-new look with the COSMOLORE classic, featuring narrow armrests, or the COSMOLORE 2. Then there is the COSMOLORE Spa - a model that meets even the most premium requirements set by wellness providers.


Maximum comfort for customers, as well as the perfect design for hairdressing staff, are the standards that mark the functionality of GREINER hairline shampoo systems. With their variety of options, the shampoo armchair and backwash basin combinations make choosing the right solution a joy. Uncompromising quality "Made in Germany" is the guarantee for years of customer satisfaction. All information on the COSMOLORE shampoo armchairs range is available from qualified hairdressing equipment specialists.