New cooperation to reduce production waste

A very special cooperation was made to reduce production waste of GREINER GmbH. Together with the Start-up Company industrierelikt based in Weimar, our high-quality production waste is worked up to be made into elegant bags and accessories.

Saving resources and creating new things

In a small tailoring in Frankfurt am Main high-quality products are made - but not from new materials and fabrics as usual. The company industrierelikt is focused on the further processing of resources which have already been used. “The basic idea of our company is to take rejects of the production industry and to work them up into timeless design, combining elegance and aesthetic aspects with sustainable and fairly produced goods” say Karen Häcker und Michel Treiber, founder of industrierelikt. They wish to create added value and show that an environmentally friendly company which is managed in a socially responsible way can operate profitably.

Mutual values in design and sustainability

In search of high-quality fabrics for bags and accessories the design students became aware of company GREINER GmbH. Not only the sense and feeling for modern design unifies both company, but also the will to save resources and to act sustainable. “We support the idea of not disposing residual material but to create new things from it”, says Kristina Greiner, Managing Director of Greiner GmbH. “Greiner GmbH provides this young Start-up company with production waste material free of charge and wishes a lot of success for the future.”