The GREINER brand is your reliable partner, especially at a time when the situation is difficult for many and the market environment is critical. Because this is exactly the moment when we want to initiate new ideas, targeted activities and a direct exchange with you. On this strategic basis, we will continue to develop and even expand our successful cooperation – with the following topics:




  • Marketing and sales under new management since May 1, 2021
  • Close dialogue and new sales power for the specialist trade
  • News and promotions for the product range
  • Constant delivery capability – GREINER is a system-relevant company
  • More fluid processes in new final assembly, expedition and logistics
  • Service and training as success factors – simply and securely online


New VP Marketing and Sales – since May 1, 2021, Jens Reichenbach and his team are in charge for global activities

GREINER is currently taking an important step towards securing the global GREINER brand presence in the markets for hairdressing equipment. In addition to our medbest division, which Mr. Reichenbach has successfully developed and expanded over the last 5 years since joining, he and his team will manage the marketing and sales activities of the hairline division. Kristina Greiner, as managing director of the entire company, is pleased “that this distribution of tasks ensures continuity in the market on the one hand, and creates space for fresh ideas, new power and even closer customer care on the other.”


Close dialogue and new sales power

Jens Reichenbach is an enthusiastic and persuasive representative of retail marketing, relies on close and trusting partnerships with specialist retailers, and approaches this alliance with an international form of communication and cooperation that encourages loyalty. In the medbest division, he is in charge of internationalisation, the establishment and expansion of the sales and training team, and as a market-oriented idea generator for the development of product innovations. In this respect, you can trust in new ideas for success, campaigns and an open ear for your concerns in the near future. Kristina Greiner will of course continue to work in the background in the management of GREINER‘s hairline division, but will increasingly focus on strategic decisions for the development of the division. The internal communication on this remains very close and trusting with the entire team.


Intensive market cultivation, sales promotions, showroom, wide range of training courses

An exciting program of impulses for GREINER business partners lies ahead: each partner will be able to benefit from the activities with which GREINER hairline will strengthen the brand and at the same time support individual measures in the direction of end customers.

Summer of H.U.G.O.

A current example is the launch of the GREINER hygiene column H.U.G.O., which is an attractive door opener and promises real additional sales. Side by side with its sales partners, GREINER is turning the promotional period until the end of August into the "Summer of H.U.G.O.". A refreshing idea, which will not miss its effect, and which is still open to interested partners, planners and furnishers.



No time for boring (c)hairs

Convincing know-how and perfect consulting competence are the elementary basis for the sale of GREINER styling chairs and shampoo chairs. Enthusiasm and product knowledge make the difference when it comes to developing and presenting fascinating solutions in salon furnishing. That is why GREINER attaches great importance to its program of online product and technical training for sales and service personnel. The range of advanced training, conducted by qualified trainers in the GREINER showroom - live or virtual - is geared to individual needs.

Quality has a long tradition at GREINER.

Products for hairdressing furnishings have been a defining element of the GREINER brand since 1922. This year already points to the big anniversary in the coming year, which will be the occasion for further activities. And it confirms the philosophy that quality has traditionally been of great value at GREINER. For example, the quality management guarantees the production of hairdressing chairs according to the zero-defect principle, which results in a 5-year guarantee on the functionality due to durability, high-quality components and hard-wearing covers. This quality promise makes the fine difference for demanding customers.

As described at the beginning: "Impact instead of crisis - the future is open to us all". Let's work on it together!