Shampoo chairs and washing units

Washing units and shampoo chairs of GREINER offer highest comfort to the customer and hairdresser. Because of special massage devices and electrically adjustable leg cushions your customers feel excellent in your salon.

shampoo chairs with our quality promise

Made by GREINER is Made in Germany. All our shampoo chairs come with our quality promise, thanks to our full in-house production monitoring. This commitment to quality is based on a controlled system of values, consisting of function, design, quality and service. That is why in each GREINER shampoo chair, you will find the following four values:


Design follows function. The combination of the shampoo chair with backwash sink offers a variety of ways to ensure the customer's experience at the hair salon is a pleasant one. Our development department is constantly working to improve the functionality of our shampoo chairs. The result is an easy-to-use shampoo chair with many tried and tested functionalities. The intelligent design not only ensures an easily accessible salon interior, but also the adjustability of any number of the shampoo chair's parts. An electric back massager and swiveling leg pads provide the necessary comfort.



Proven functions facilitate the hairdressing staff's work with the shampoo chair - our innovative and modern designs ensure that shampoo chairs are also true eye-catchers in the hair salon. This is made possible by continuous product development and a wide range of upholstery fabrics. With a total of 37 different upholstery fabrics and various designs, our shampoo chairs can be adapted to fit perfectly with your corporate identity. This allows the hair salon to project a coherent image.



The uncompromising quality of our shampoo chairs is our guarantee of customer satisfaction. From our founding in a small workshop in 1922 to today's international business, we have always remained true to this principle. As part of our quality management, we have established a zero-error principle, which ensures that the shampoo chairs you receive are distinguished by the highest durability, top-quality components and hard-wearing upholstery. To complete the quality assurance process, our shampoo chairs are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Each shampoo chairs comes with a full 5-year functionality warranty.



The optimal use of our shampoo chairs is very important to us. In order to guarantee this at all times, we offer individual consultations in our showroom, as well as a Germany-wide repair service. As our shampoo chairs are manufactured exclusively in Germany, we offer the shortest lead times in the industry and can also carry out individual requests at the last minute.


Shampoo chairs with intelligent design

From the design to the production of our shampoo chairs, our focus is on providing comfort for staff and customers. The modular design of all our shampoo chairs allows them to be extended in any number of ways. Thus, you can increase and decrease the number of seats available, while economising space. The inside of the shampoo chair is designed for easy access - for example in case the water has to be turned off quickly in an emergency. The electronic adjustment of the lying surface and height of the variolore shampoo chair provides additional comfort, allowing the customer to be brought quickly and easily into the correct position.

Shampoo chair with backwash basin

All shampoo chairs - whether as a single unit or a bench - come with a shampoo basin, the so-called backwash basin. These basins are an intelligent evolution of the conventional hairdressing basin. They allow the customer to keep facing upwards during shampooing. There is no risk, therefore, of shampoo, water, hair dye or gel getting in their face or eyes. A comfortable shampooing experience for staff and customers. Backwash basins are available in black or white.

Customised comfort with many features

In addition to their intelligent design and the practical backwash basins, our salon shampoo chairs offer more features that will leave fond memories of any salon. Your shampoo chair is also available with leg pads and seat and backrest massage functions. For maximum comfort, all settings can be operated comfortably via the electronic remote control. With their adjustable lying surface, height and wash basins, our shampoo chairs really leave nothing to be desired.