medical chairs - product overview

In response to the wishes of patients and those treating them, GREINER has taken up the challenge of developing innovative solutions that address clinical and economic needs in equal part. Made by GREINER means made in Germany. A consistently high standard is applied in the development and production of GREINER couches. The same applies to our range of services. We achieve this by translating our flair for innovation into fully automated processes and handmade quality. High standards in design, materials, engineering and ergonomics combined with client-oriented flexibility make GREINER a partner for quality-conscious customers at the highest level.

Medical chairs made in Germany

Our medical couches and medical chairs meet the highest quality standards. We cover the entire vertical production process, from initial engineering and design through prototyping to production. What our own development department in Pleidelsheim designs, our qualified employees in the production department then produce. The high standard of manufacturing not only allows a consistently high product quality, but also a high level of flexibility in production. Our quality promise is confirmed by an independently certified quality assurance system - GREINER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.

Medical couches for every of application

The variety of our product portfolio is unique in the world. Whether for use in hospitals, dialysis centers, medical practices, nursing homes or day clinics, our medical chairs and couches can be customised and configured to ensure they are optimally adapted for their destination and purpose. Your dealer or the GREINER team will be delighted to advise you about the many adjustment options that ensure our couches fit your individual needs. A wide range of accessories help staff and patients alike in their daily tasks and provide maximum comfort.

Made-to-Measure equipment and colours

Comfort, coverings and colours. High standards in terms of design, materials, technology and ergonomics combined with a flexibility built around the customer’s needs makes GREINER a premium partner for a quality-conscious clientele. This is why its upholstery and cover fabrics are all about providing patients with the level of comfort they are looking for when sitting or lying down – if necessary for hours on end, as some treatments can take a long time. As well as leaving nothing to be desired in terms of its look and comfort, the fabric is also robust enough to handle daily use, cleaning and disinfection. There are two types of GREINER cover fabric to choose from: the diverse “compact.” range, which offers patient comfort and durability and comes in 20 colours, and the innovative “premium” range, which is setting new standards with its ultrasmooth yet much sturdier surface and which boasts an unprecedented degree of comfort in combination with pressurerelieving springs in the seat. Available in 12 different colours, the range is a top-class choice, particularly for patients due to be lying down for several hours.