• Combines needs and requirements of the patient and the nursing staff
  • Practical functionality and variability along with an aesthetic design
  • Considers the requirements and needs of both patient and care personnel
  • Available with electric or hydraulic height adjustment and extendable legrest
  • Optionally selectable with manual or electrical adjustment of backrest and legrest

Technical data

Weight (according to the model) 67 kg - 84 kg
Seat width 50 cm
Seat depth 52 cm
Overall depth (without footrest) 101 cm
Overall depth (with footrest) 122 cm
Overall height 134 cm - 154 cm
Diameter of castors 125 mm
Seat height 50 cm - 70 cm
Overall width 73 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair 176 cm
Extension of extendable footrest 14 cm
Max. patient weight 200 kg


Head bolster (movable)
Armrests upholstered (left and right; flank protection for armrests, stainless steel)
Side covers upholstered (side cover upholstered for chairs with standard bars)
Phlebotomy armrest (with double ball joint)
Standard bars (lenght: 34 cm, measurement: 340x25x10 mm)
Holder (for phlebotomy armrest)
Infusion bar (with holder, height adjustable)
Holder for urine bag (left and right)
Patient table (plastic, with a disinfectant resistent varnish, clampable on the armrests)
Mesh basket (on the backrest)
Supporting pads (seat, left and right)
Lap belt
Protective cover (transparent cover for legrest, removable)


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Colour pattern card






chair with height adjustment

careLine hv is hydraulically adjustable in height by 20 cm. This allows a movement of the sitting and lying position from 55 to 74 cm, measured from the middle of the seat cushion. The seat height is 54 cm. If the chair is equipped with a standing up aid, the access heights can be 48 cm due to the forward inclination. The hydraulic seat height adjustment combined with the adjustment of the three-part sitting area facilitates the move of the patient in and out of the care chair.

As the armrests may fully be fold in, free access is ensured. The standing up aid allows a forward inclination by 10° and reduces the effort when standing up. The horizontal position (forward inclination) allows a low position of the legs. With a backward inclination a relaxed position or the Trendelenburg position may be obtained. The standard legrest, as well as the adjustable version may both be equipped with a removable footrest. That way careLine can be adapted to the size and the needs of the patient respectively. By means of four double castors the chair can easily and precisely be moved in all directions. The rail role provides straight running stability - four brakes a firm stand. The mechanical parts, the padding materials and cover fabrics are designed for heavy demands and a long-term run. careLine has a comprehensive accessories programme. Basically used as: examination chair, treatment lounger, intensive care chair, chemotherapy chair, dialysis lounger, mobilisation chair, transport chair, care chair