CarryLine Cross


  • Agile chassis for high manoeuvrability in small rooms
  • Available with fixed or height adjustable chassis
  • Synchronous adjustment of the lying surface (manual or electric)
  • The separate and manual adjustment of the leg pad is possible
  • Optionally available with swivel footrest which can be swung under the chair
  • Directional stability thanks to lockable double castors
  • Comfortable get in and get out because of intelligent functions
  • Anatomically shaped backrest for better lateral support
  • Automatic adjustment of the backrest and legrest by 10° offers a relaxing laying position and prevents the patient from slipping out the couch


Technical data

Weight 58 kg - 79 kg
Seat width 49 cm
Seat depth 50 cm
Overall depth 88 cm - 103 cm
Overall height 130 cm - 150 cm (hv)
Seat height 51 cm - 71 cm (hv)
Overall width 72 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair 180 cm
Diameter of castors 125 mm
Inclination of the backrest to a relax position yes
Max. patient weight 200 kg


Head bolster (standard, movable and detachable; with lateral supports, movable and detachable)
Armrest upholstered (flank protection for armrests, stainless steel)
Patient table (plastic, with a disinfectant resistent varnish, clampable on the armrests)
Phlebotomy armrest (with double ball joint)
Standard bars (lenght: 34 cm (pair) measurement: 340x25x10 mm)
Holder (for phlebotomy armrest)
Infusion bar (with holder, height adjustable)
Holder for urine bag (left and right)
Mesh basket (on the back rest)
Supporting pads (backrest, removable, left and right; seat, left and right)
Footrest (can be swung under the chassis)
Lap belt
Protective cover (transparent cover for legrest, removable)


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Synchronous adjustment of the lying surface (manual or electric). The separate and manual adjustment of the leg pad is possible.

Maneuverability in perfection.

carryLine cross can be easily manoeuvred, even in narrow space. Both front castors can be fixed in the direction of motion in order to achieve a good directional stability. All 4 castors have a diameter of 125 mm and a locking device. The seat height is 51 cm.

Basis of all carryLine models is a steel frame. CarryLine loungers have a low seat level and a calfrest with negative inclination to allow patients to get in and out comfortably. The automatic adjustment of the seat by 10° offers a relaxed horizontal position, prevents the patient from slipping out of position and relieves the strain of the knees. As the armrests may fully be fold in, free access is ensured. The backrest with its anatomical design and side supports can be adjusted synchronously to the leg rest manual or electrically. The one-piece backrest with rubber grip, the shorter one with cylindric bolster that can be detached or pulled out by 25cm and the two- part backrest respectively. Here the upper part can be folded rearwards by about 100°. The mobile models can optionally be equipped with a pivoting footrest. The footrest lowers when subjected to weight (for example when getting in and out) and thus safeguards the lounger against tilting. It can also be swung under the seat when not required. 

Basically used as: examination chair, treatment chair, EEG chair, ECG chair, relax chair, mobilisation chair, transport chair, care chair