CarryLine Fix


  • Fixed base part without height adjustment
  • Available with 2 different backrest options: Two-part backrest with tiltable heading section (by 100°) or one-part backrest
  • Manual or electrical adjustment of the lying surface
  • Separate and manual adjustment of the legrest possible
  • Comfortable to get in and out thanks to intelligent functionality
  • Anatomically shaped backrest

Technical data

Weight 45 kg - 49 kg
Seat width 49 cm
Seat depth 50 cm
Overall depth 79 cm - 103 cm
Overall height 127
Seat height 49 cm
Overall width 66 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair 179 cm
Max. patient weight 200 kg


Head bolster (standard, movable and detachable; with lateral supports, movable and detachable)
Armrest upholstered (flank protection for armrests, stainless steel)
Patient table (plastic, with a disinfectant resistant varnish, clampable on the armrests)
phlebotomy armrest (with double ball joint)
Standard bars (length: 34 cm (pair) measurement: 340x25x10 mm)
Holder (for phlebotomy armrest)
Infusion bar (with holder, height adjustable)
Holder for urine bag (left and right)
Mesh basket (on the back rest)
Supporting pads (backrest, removable, left and right; seat, left and right)
Lap belt


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Carryline Fix.

In case no mobility is required a stationary version is available. carryLine fix is available with 2 different backrest options: - Two-part backrest with tiltable heading section (by 100°). It can be locked in each position which makes the lounger also suitable for examinations of the head, e.g. EEG. - One-part backrest. The synchronous adjustment of seat and backrest can be operated either manually from the rear via a footstep handle or from the side. This function can also be carried out by an electric motor. Basically used as: examination chair, treatment chair, EEG chair, ECG chair, relax chair, mobilisation chair, care chair