Dialysis chair Multiline next DC


  • Dialysis chair with 3-5 motors, with/without central locking, comfortable pillows, integral foam armrests
  • Armrest technology with individual positioning for height, inclination, direction and volume, with adjustment to width of torso
  • Extra-comfortable upholstery with wide seat (60 cm), finished by hand
  • Access height from 54 cm according to model and fittings of the dialysis chair
  • Compliance with stringent regulations, ease of access, clean surface finish, tested surfaces, sparing use of seams
  • 10 cm twin-wheel castors with central locking system if required
  • Footrest with automatic, patient-friendly length adjuster (removable)
  • NEW: Option with twin-wheel swivel castors for linear or free movement available



Technical Data

Length chair position (floor space) 148 cm
Length bed position 230 cm (final position of footrest)
Width 80 cm
Length lying surface 220 cm
Width lying surface 60 cm
Padding thickness lying surface 9 cm
Length armrest 58 cm
Width armrest 13 cm
Entrance height 54 cm
Hight adjustment 21 cm (54-75 cm)
Diameter of castors 10 cm
Backrest inclination -5° to 78°
Seat part inclination 0 to 22°
Footrest inclination -25° to 0
Travel distance footrest 25 cm
Travel speed from sitting position to Trendelenburg position 11 s
Max. patient weight 220 kg
Tension 230 V/50-60 Hz; 110V V/ 50-60 Hz
Weight of chair 105-110 kg


Infinitely motor-adjustable, equally intelligent and easy to use, the MULTILINE NEXT DC quickly and softly moves to any desired position.






Choose from two different variants the perfect armrest to your infusion chair.


Highly Innovative dialysis chair multiline next DC.

With MULTILINE NEXT DC, GREINER presents a dialysis chair that represents a brand new technological advancement for hospitals and clinical practices – and one that meets the specific requirements of dialysis. Extra-soft upholstery and comfortable as well as durable covers ensure maximum comfort for patients, while smooth surfaces and minimal seams optimise hygiene. Five-position armrests set new standards in the therapeutic field, while high-performance electric motors move patients into required seated or reclining positions (including the emergency Trendelenburg position) in a smooth, stepless motion.

Dialysis therapy couch

GREINER has developed a completely new generation of therapy couches for dialysis based on analysis of recent findings in the healthcare sector and close contact with dialysis centres at home and abroad. The emphasis is on patient comfort, ergonomics and efficiency. The couches meet the challenge of elevating extensive haemodialysis sessions to a more comfortable level, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of treatment. This is achieved by means of soft new cushioning materials that ensure comfort for hours while maximising hygiene. Motorised movements to required positions are fast and smooth, while the ergonomic qualities of the five-position armrests are far more flexible and patient-friendly.

Comfort, functionality and ergonomics – combined in one dialysis chair

Infinitely electronically adjustable, intelligent and easy to operate using the choice and cursor keys of the GREINER controlling device: the dialysis chair MULTILINE NEXT DC with 3, 4 or 5 motors offers high seating and lying comfort in any position. From the sitting, relaxing or sleeping position to the emergency Trendelenburg position, the dialysis chair moves quickly and smoothly to any desired or required position at the touch of a button. The GREINER design concept makes it easy for caregivers and patients to use the powerful motors for back, seat, leg section and footrest adjustments, as well as the vertical lift from an initial height of 54-56 cm. Mobile, stable and secure.

Customised for your needs

GREINER produces dialysis chairs tailored to your precise needs. You choose the covers and cushions individually. Premium covering materials and upholstery offer extra-soft, wear-resistant surfaces; a dynamically flexible suspension system in the seat section supports freedom of movement for the spine, pelvis and hips, thus relieving pressure to the benefit of patients. MULTILINE five-position armrests, the first to move in five directions, are also setting new standards. Dialysis chair MULTILINE NEXT DC - time for a new generation.