H.U.G.O Disinfectant dispenser


  • The perfect symbiosis of design and functionality
  • Combines the look and materiality of an elegant piece of furniture with well thought-out hygiene functionality
  • Thanks to invisible surface coating, insensitive to mechanical or chemical influences
  • Natural materials from sustainable production
  • Slim and space-saving: a real eye-catcher
  • Double-curved shaped wood and oak veneer on beech core

Technical Data

Surface Fine veneer on beech core, clear varnish with fire protection properties B1
Dispenser Standard EUR1 for 500 ml
Dimensions H x W x D 135 x 35 x 25 cm
Weight 12 kg
Assembly Delivered fully assembled


Design and hygiene on one line

H.U.G.O. is more than just a disinfectant dispenser, it looks like an object made of fine wood with a natural feel. Shaped in a complex manufacturing process, thanks to invisible surface varnish insensitive to mechanical or chemical influences, it proves as a design object how a "must" turns into a "must-have". Elegance and function in a line that perfectly motivates hand disinfection.



H.U.G.O. is more than a disinfectant dispenser, it acts like an object made of fine wood with a natural look. Formed in a complex manufacturing process, and thanks to its invisible surface lacquering it is insensitive to mechanical or chemical influences, as a design object it proves how a "must" can be transformed into a "must-have". Elegance and function on one line, which motivates to disinfect hands in a perfect way. 

Slim and space-saving, it finds its place - an eye-catcher that motivates people to disinfect their hands better than any other dispenser. Natural materials from sustainable production, piece by piece incomparable. Double-bent shaped wood, oak veneer on beech core, which elegantly and safely dispenses with visible joints. This means that the hygiene column does not act as a technically sterile foreign body, as conventional disinfectant dispensers unfortunately do, but develops its own aesthetics and integrates naturally into the room.

The dispenser itself is mounted at an ergonomically sensible height. The stainless steel drip tray can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. The dispenser in a standardised design allows the direct storage and use of standard 500 ml disinfection containers - from disinfectants and gels to liquid soaps and low-viscosity lotions. To ensure a long service life, the dispenser system allows the specific exchange of the pump. The housing can also be disinfected and cleaned in an autoclave.