MultiLine 2


  • Modular couch system with simple and safety handling
  • Vertical adjustment of the chassis carried out by electric motor or hydraulic pump
  • 3 different types of armrests and footrests are available
  • Enable the cleaning according to hygienic conditions in hospitals
  • Available with one-part backrest or two-part backrest
  • Compliance with stringent regulations, ease of access, clean surface finish, tested surfaces
  • The mechanics are completely cased with covers
  • With a lot of accessories and functions the chair can be equipped according to the user´s requirements

Technical data

Weight (according to the model) 98 kg - 118 kg
Seat width 52 cm
Seat depth 47 cm
Overall depth 109 cm
Overall height 128 cm - 163 cm
Diameter of castors 125 mm
Seat height 54 cm - 89 cm
Overall width 80 cm
Overall width with comfort armrest 90 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair 170 cm
Extension of headrest of two-part backrest 20 cm
Extension of extendable legrest/ extendable and foldable legrest 17 cm
Inclination of the backrest to fully flat position yes
Head low position -8°
Max. patient weight 200 kg


Infusion bar (with extendable holder)
Holder for paper rolls (for 30-45 cm paper, for one-part and two-part backrest)
Battery (4,5 AH battery with external charger for mobile use)
Connector (CH)
Protective covers ( transparent cover for legrest removable; for legrest standard; for legrest extenable; for legrest multiline 2 dc; protective covers not possible for foldable footrest)
Head bolster (movable and detachable)
Handle (with rubber grip, can be fixed in three positions; pushing in sitting position; pushing in horizontal position; additional function for a better side restraint of the shoulders)
Patiententische (für Seitengitterversionen: Großer auf dem Seitengitter verschiebarer und abnehmbarer Tisch)
Patient table (for models with side protection rails: detachable large table which can be moved on the rails; swing-type table for easy entry, mounted on the rails)
Standad bar (left and right chrome-plated steel, measurement: 340x25x10 mm)
Holder for urine bag (left and right)


MultiLine 2 product brochure



Colour pattern card



More comfort for the patient and staff

multiLine 2 ist eine Multifunktionsliege bzw. ein Liegensystem in modularer Bauweise: zwei Rückenlehnen, fünf verschiedene Armauflagen und drei unterschiedliche Beinauflagen können in Verbindung mit dem elektrisch, hydraulisch oder nicht höhenverstellbaren Fahrgestell entsprechend den Anforderungen des Benutzers ausgerüstet werden. Somit lässt sich diese Multifunktionsliege ideal in fast jeden Anwendungsbereich integrieren.

Mehr Komfort für Patient und Personal

The mechanics of the multiLine 2 multi function couch are completely enclosed. Not only does this promote simple and safe operation, but it also allows for cleaning that meets the clinic's particular hygiene standards. Depending on the model, the multi-function couch can be pivoted to a horizontal and completely level surface with a safety pneumatic spring or two electric motors. This lowers the armrests to the level of the lying surface. In addition, the entire upper part can be tilted to 8° at any height. While lying, this enables the patient to reach a shock position, and while sitting or half-lying it allows everything from a relaxing knees-up position to the cardiac position. The entry level for all multiLine 2 multi-function couches is 54 cm.

Variable configuration of the multi-function couch

The height can be set up to 89 cm using either the electric or hydraulic adjuster. The backrest is available as a single pad, or as a two-part pad with integrated, height-adjustable swivel headrest. Various arm rests and a choice of 3 leg rests can be combined, to equip the couch according to the user's requirements. Models with podiatry leg rests are available for treatment of the legs and feet (split, individually adjustable, pivoting outwards through approx. 45°). The chassis of the multiLine 2 has 4 centrally lockable rollers, one of which can be operated electronically.