Multiline Next AC


  • Areas of application: Surgical preparation, post-operation rehabilitation and recovery couch, examination, treatment, mobilisation, transport
  • Totally new concept in terms of design, technology and features
  • Electric motor adjustment of backrest, seat and leg section as well as height (adjustment up to 90 cm)
  • Emergency foot switch for Trendelenburg position, ensuring staff keep their hands free
  • Compliance with stringent regulations, ease of access, clean surface finish, tested surfaces, sparing use of seams
  • 12.5 cm castors for comfortable transporting, central braking system
  • Independently certified product safety and super reliability



Technical Data

Length chair position (floor space) 107 cm
Length lying position 200 cm
Width 77 cm
Length lying surface 200 cm
Width lying surface 60 cm
Padding thickness lying surface 9 cm
Length armrest 73 cm
Width armrests 7 cm
Entrance height 58 cm
Height adjustment 32 cm (58-90 cm)
Diameter of castors 12,5 cm
Backrest inclination -5° bis 78°
Seat part inclination 0 bis 22°
Footrest inclination 0 bis 90°
Tension 100-240v/ 50-60Hz
Weight of couch 128 kg
Max. patient weight 220 kg


Multiline Next AC product brochure

Ambulant care


Colour pattern card







The Multiline Next AC is universally applicable and convinces with electromotive adjustment of back, seat and leg part as well as height and a height stroke up to 90 cm.


optional accessorie: oxygen bottle holder


Multiline Next AC mobile couch.

This new couch meets the patient positioning and mobilisation challenges posed by the growing number of outpatient operations. It is ideal for surgical preparation, transporting patients to and from the operating theatre, positioning after surgery and deployment in the recovery room after anaesthesia. Ergonomics, functionality, mobility and patient comfort form a unique combination of chair and couch. Complete ease of access and simple disinfection ensure maximum hygiene. The MULTILINE NEXT AC can also be installed in small spaces where conventional beds will not fit.

Ergonomics, stability, mobility and safety combine to create the perfect solution for outpatient surgery. Access to the chair coupled with comfortable cushioning ensure patients and carers remain calm and composed at all times, even in stressful and critical situations. The powerful battery maintains mobility and safety for many hours, while adjustment to the appropriate table height and patient positioning to operation height ensure proper ergonomics. The two fully retractable armrests, which can easily be operated with one hand, ensure safe resting and transporting as well as ideal access when repositioning.

With stepless motorised adjustment and intelligent and intuitive operation via the selection and control keys of the GREINER control element, the MULTILINE NEXT AC mobile patient couch delivers outstanding seated and reclining comfort in all situations. From seated and relax positions to the flat bed position and emergency. Trendelenburg position, the couch quickly and smoothly moves to any required or preferred position at the touch of a button. The GREINER design concept makes it easy for carers and patients alike to use the four motors for the backrest, seat and leg sections and height adjustment (up to 90 cm) efficiently. The couch is mobile, stable and secure.