• Synchronous adjustment of the lying surface (manual or electric)
  • Separate adjustment of the footrest is possible
  • High comfort thanks to steplessly adjustable backrest and legrest by 50° up to the relaxing position
  • Robust armrests enable comfortable lying
  • Shape of the armrests helps the patient to get up
  • Easy cleaning thanks to detachable seat upholsteries and removable covers
  • Extensive accessories for even more comfort
  • Pleasant atmosphere thanks to a combination of easy-care surfaces and warm beech wood

Technical data

Weight 32-37 kg
Seat width 48 cm
Seat depth 49 cm
Overall depth in sitting position 81 cm
Overall depth in reclined position 160 cm
Overall height in sitting position 119 cm
Overall height in reclined position 90 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair 170 cm
Entrance height 46 cm
Overall width 63 cm
Diameter of castors 75 mm
Max. patient weight 125 kg


Electrical synchronous adjustment (of backrest and legrest, legrest separately manually adjustable)
Head bolster (standard, movable and detachable)
Head bolster (with lateral supports, movable and detachable)
Armrest upholstered (left and right)
Side upholstery (for side support in the relaxed position)
Patient table (beech wood, detachable)
Handle (beech wood)


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The relaxation and care chair Relax offers high comfort through the infinitely adjustable backrest and legrest to the rest position.

Care and relax chair

The GREINER relax arm chair cares for comfort. The combination of easy care surfaces and beech wood creates a pleasant room atmosphere. The backrest and the legrest of all chairs are continuously and synchronously adjustable by about 50° to a rest position either electrically or manually supported by a gas spring. In addition the legrest can be adjusted up to 90° separately. The seat cushion and its cover can be removed. In the relaxed position the seat cushion rises up forward at 10° and prevents the seated person from slipping out the seat. The solid pulled down armrests allow a comfortable laying, the rounded knobs support an easy get up from the chair. The relax chairs can be chosen as a standard model as well as a mobile model with castors.