MultiLine XXL


  • Especially developed for obese patients with a body weight up to 300 kg
  • Extreme sturdy mechanic construction with comfortable upholstery
  • The whole dimensioning of the couch system is adapted for the usage by obese patients
  • Every adjustment function is done by an electronic motor (to help the patient getting up, height adjustment)
  • Extensive accessories for easy handling, like push handle, headrest and get up handle


Technical data

Weight 140 kg (wothout standing up aid), 148 kg (with standing up aid)
Seat width 70 cm
Seat depth 57 cm
Overall depth (without footrest) 110 cm
Overall depth (with footrest) 130 cm
Overhall height 134 cm - 160 cm
Diameter of castors 150 mm
Seat height 55 cm - 80 cm
Overall width 89 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair 185 cm
Inclination of the backrest to fully flat position yes
Armrest 70 cm x 7 cm
Connection 230V/50 - 60 Hz
Head low position -6°
Max. patient weight 300 kg


Head bolster (movable and detachable)
Handle (soft, gummed surface, adjustable in two positions)
Patient handgrips (soft, gummed surface for easy standing up and sitting down)
Patient table (rotatable, integrated in the right side part)
Infusion bar (with holder, adjustable in height by an adjusting ring, including holder, can be taken off above the holder)
Footrest (adjustable in length, retractable, adjustable and detachable)
Battery (including delivery tray and charging cable)


Colour pattern card



MultiLine 2 product brochure

!! Important: The brochure is still valid for the chairs MULTILINE XXL and MULTILINE BPS (except the execution with classic armrests). All further models have been replaced by the new MULTILINE NEXT series.





Heavy weight chair up to 300 kg.

The explosion of nutritional and metabolic diseases in recent decades is leading to an increase in severely overweight patients. The extreme condition of the patient requires a particular quality of seating systems. Suitable dimensions, comfortable cushioning and a particularly sturdy mechanical construction are all essential features to provide maximum patient comfort. Numerous electronically-controlled adjustment functions also give caregivers the best possible assistance in their work. GREINER offers solutions in the field of transport, treatment, examination and care of obese patients up to the maximum severity rating 3.

Massive mechanics and intelligent adjustment functions

The heavy-duty multiLine xxl chair is specially designed for obese patients with a body weight of up to 300 kg. The mechanical design, dimensioning and padding meet these requirements. Rarely have the requirements for a lounger system been higher. In the case of extremely heavy load on the couch system mechanics and technology must harmonize excellently. The sturdy mechanism ensures reliable longevity of the xxl chair and numerous adjustment functions facilitate the daily work of staff and patient.


All adjustment functions, such as the height adjustment from 55 to 80 cm, head down position (-6 °) or inclination of the entire upper part in sitting position by up to 20 ° forward as a stand-up, are carried out by electric motor - not only a practical help for nurses and doctors, but also an extension of the independence of the patient. The armrests with side rails can be easily removed for patient transfer, side entry, treatment or relocation. Extensive accessories such as push bars, stand-up handles, patient table or head pad ensure comfortable handling.

What is the heavy duty chair suitable?

The aim of the development was an xxl chair, which can be helpful in all areas of application for the care of obese patients. As a result, the heavy duty chair can be used universally, e.g. used for transport, for examinations and treatments, as a nursing chair, rest or recovery bed after an operation. The armrests with side rails can be easily removed for patient transfer, side entry, treatment or relocation.

Coverage, Colour and Design

Numerous colour combinations are available for the xxlchair, which you can put together individually and adapt to your practice or hospital furnishings. The patient-friendly sitting and lying comfort is always the focus of the upholstery and cover materials. The material of the xxl chair fulfills the requirements for comfort and appearance as well as the daily routine for durability, cleaning and disinfection.

Specifically, GREINER cover material is available in two versions: First, the "compact." Line, which is characterized by patient comfort, longevity and a wealth of variants in 20 colours. And secondly, the innovative "premium." line, which sets new standards with its super-soft and at the same time far more durable surface, and which, in combination with pressure-relieving springs in the seat section, continues to provide unrivaled comfort to this day. Premium cover materials for the multiline xxl chair are available in 12 different colours.