Moving in the right direction: The new GREINER Swivel Castors

While they may at first glance seem like no more than a stylish touch, the new twin-wheel swivel castors from GREINER with their ergonomic locking system take pride of place the moment they are put into use.

Flexibility, mobility and ergonomics are key features for GREINER's MULTILINE NEXT IT and MULTILINE NEXT DC therapy chairs. These features are greatly appreciated in the product's core application areas of infusion therapy, transfusion therapy, oncology and dialysis, both by patients and by nursing staff. Being brought to a standstill is no way for our customers, so our therapy chairs are constantly evolving, from the big picture right down to the smallest detail.

That's why, as of the beginning of 2019, both therapy chairs can also be fitted with specialized castors for linear or free movement as part of the central locking system. The basis of this system is 10 cm twin-wheel castors connected to a 3-way ergonomic locking system operated via a convenient foot pedal: brakes locked, brakes open, linear or free movement. These new castors with directional wheel for straight-line driving improve the patient's transport experience. They make it easier for nursing staff to push and steer the chair, particularly when passing distances between hospital wards is required, and narrow corridors or rooms make navigation and movement more difficult.

MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. The castors are just one prime example of the GREINER brand promise: "We design quality." Let us tell you more about the innovations being made in GREINER medbest chairs for 2019. Discover how you can make further improvements to the services you offer your patients and optimize the efficiency of your care.