Naturally soothing: enjoying the first days of the year in the open air warms body and soul. A feel-good place in front of the doors of clinics, old peoples and nursing homes. Sun and mild temperatures compete with awakening nature in a varied landscape, inspiring conversations and diverse culture make people flourish at this time.

Carryline transport chairs from GREINER bring patients and residents safely and comfortably from place to place in many facilities. The Carryline cross and Carryline mobile models have long been at home here. Now here comes with the Carryline outdoor a very special solution just in time for spring.

The Carryline fulfils the requirements of a modern transport chair very impressively: the pleasant entry height of 49 cm, the synchronously adjustable lying surface and, of course, the smooth-running manoeuvrability make the handling easier for staff and at the same time ensure comfort when sitting or lying down. And that at up to 200 kg in patient weight.

The Carryline outdoor now adds to this equipment with special wheels and castors, which easily guide you over changing floor surfaces. With 300 mm solid rubber disc wheels at the front and 125 mm outdoor castors at the rear, it easily overcomes sliding door guides, lift sleepers or other small obstacles. Outside it moves along well on cobblestone, gravel or grass. A footrest is dispensed with in favour of high ground clearance. Moreover, to give the patients a good feeling, a lap belt secures the seat during transport. The armrests swivel back completely, allowing free access.

The entire model series of the Carryline was developed by GREINER and is manufactured here “Made in Germany”. The basis is a sturdy steel frame, which guarantees a long life for each single chair. It is ergonomically easy to push with a large gummed handle, which sits directly on the one-piece backrest. The backrest with anatomical shape and lateral support is adjusted manually synchronously with the leg pad. The upholstery and covering material are also patient-friendly: the surface meets the requirements for comfort and touch, as well as the daily routine of durability, cleaning and disinfection.

It's time - spring is calling! Bring your patients in the clinic, rehabilitation or nursing facility outside with the Carryline outdoor. They will be grateful for this. Information can be found on the GREINER website and from your local distributor.