The explosion of nutritional and metabolic diseases in recent decades is leading to an increase in severely overweight patients. The extreme condition of the patient requires a particular quality of seating systems. Flexible use and minimized footprint compete with suitable dimensions and comfortable cushioning to achieve clinical goals as well as to fulfill patient‘s needs. SITA manages both – approved by latest results in recent R&D testing.

SITA is a success story and stands for the chameleon among chairs for clinics and surgeries. Its adaptability to a wide range of applications, supported by versatile accessories, accentuates perfectly its attractive price-performance ratio. This abundance of variants and options is a strong plus in clinical use worldwide. Whether fixed or mobile on wheels, it is used primarily for blood collection and infusion therapy, for treatment or as a rest and acupuncture chair. The generously dimensioned upholstered surfaces, optionally available in many colours in the super-soft GREINER premium material, the upholstery and the softly-constructed armrests ensure a high level of patient comfort.

Operation is as simple as it is convenient – manual adjustment without using any electrical driven motors: when the operating lever is pushed back, the mechanism unlocks the backrest and can be steplessly moved horizontally. When discharged, it self-aligns thanks to a pneumatic spring. The forward lever position regulates the leg rest, also supported by a pneumatic spring. Perfect ergonomics for patients.

What weighs even heavier is the helpful relief for the nursing staff, whose tasks are best supported by a stable base with capacity for 220 kg patient weight, individually steerable 10 cm castors and a handle on the mobile model, as well as accessories such as phlebotomy armrest, infusion rod, patient table and the standard bars for attaching individual utensils.

Incredibly strong: SITA is the multi-usable reclining chair for general practice, office and clinic. For further information please navigate to the product overview available on the GREINER website, or ask your local distributor.