The digital transformation in the dental world is changing workflows in both the practice and the laboratory. Flexibility and rapid response are replacing rigid processes and standardised spatial planning - which is also evident in the furnishings: in addition to traditional treatment rooms with fully equipped dental units, there is a growing need for additional rooms with treatment chairs for alternating practitioners. Carrying out digital scans or taking conventional impressions, determining tooth shade and consultations for high- quality dentures, recalls for implant, retainer or bracket control etc. require treatment-oriented ergonomics, but do not need fixed units with compressed air and suction.

The GREINER Medseat Electric proves to be a professional alternative here. On the one hand, it is quick and easy to install, move and secure according to plug-and-play criteria. On the other hand, from a functional point of view, it has everything required for use even as a stable surgical unit. This highlights its attractiveness as a cost-effective solution for versatile use in dentistry. Which frees up budgets for investing in digitisation.

The medseat electric treatment chair is a compact and flexible all-rounder for use in the practice and the laboratory. It takes up little space and is ideal for many tasks concerning consultation and agreement with patients as well as therapy recall: for example, for taking digital or conventional impressions, tooth shades determination and consultation, brace and bracket control in orthodontics or even for peri-implant checks during implant recall.

With synchronous electrical adjustment of the lying surface, rotatable upper part, movable lower part and electrical lying surface adjustment, it supports the dentist, assistant and technician.

The electromotive adjustability of the seat height is 30 cm. Adjustment is performed using a separate foot switch, also optionally with an additional control element in the backrest (depending on the model).

The lying surface is adjusted using an electric motor. The rotation of up to 330° provides access to any desired position, which can also be securely fixed. The armrests can be swivelled backwards, making the examination and treatment chair completely accessible to the dentist or practitioner. When the backrest is lowered, the armrests also sink to the level of the lying surface.

The leg rest which moves on the same level as the rest of the chair enables treatment to be carried out while the patient is lying down. Medseat treatment chairs can be equipped with an additional, rotatable seat cushion, on which the seated patient can be turned 90° to the left or right.

Patient-friendly seating comfort is also the focal point of the cover materials. The covers, which can be selected from the "compact." or "premium." lines, create a treatment-friendly atmosphere with a wide selection of fresh colours, while meeting the design requirements of modern practical concepts at the same time. The requirements of durability and hygiene are fully met. Therefore, disinfection and cleaning should be done using commercially available surface disinfectants.

The perfect alternative: if you would like to find out more about the GREINER Medseat with a live demo at your practice or laboratory, please contact the GREINER sales department. Or you are welcome to visit us for a presentation at the GREINER Customer Center in Pleidelsheim.