For 2020, the clinic planned the expansion and modernisation of the chemotherapy department in oncology, which was a major feat given the simultaneous implementation of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chojnice, Poland, September 2020: the Szpital Specjalistyczny im. JK Łukowicza w Chojnicach is a medium-sized clinic, the care and therapy centre for oncology in the Konitz district, in Pomerania, between Szczecin and Gdansk. For 2020, the clinic planned the expansion and modernisation of the chemotherapy department in oncology, which was a major feat given the simultaneous implementation of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Support from an EU development fund was helpful in that respect. In September, it was possible to hand the new department over to the clinic staff and patients. With 6 new places for infusion and transfusion, GREINER is making a visible contribution to the modern treatment offerings. After the invitation to tender in a transparent award process, our Polish partner Laboclinic, Olsztyn, was able to offer a convincing offer with MULTILINE NEXT IT therapy chairs, which was ranked top in all criteria and thus secured the contract. Given this success, it is worth taking a closer look at the criteria and strengths of this therapy chair for oncology.


Patient comfort, ergonomics and efficiency are in focus with this chair, which offers patients the best treatment conditions for chemotherapy. IT stands for infusion and transfusion. It combines the performance and comfort of technically sophisticated chairs with a compact shape and mobility. Conceived for patients with severe clinical pictures, the performance features are convincing: easy to check-in, smooth-running castors, easy-to-understand functions, continuously motorised movement sequences, ergonomic armrests with ideal access, and comfortable upholstery in friendly colours.

Innovative convenience for infusion and transfusion with MULTILINE NEXT IT

This GREINER product configuration makes it possible to equip treatment chairs to meet specific requirements. The covering and upholstery can be selected individually. Premium covering fabric and upholstery offer extra soft, hard-wearing surfaces, and it supports physiological freedom of movement for the spine, pelvis and hips via an elastic and dynamic spring system in the seat section. The result is comfortable pressure relief for the patient. The armrests also set standards for patient-friendly positioning. 

Comfort, functionality and ergonomics

With stepless motorised adjustment and intelligent and intuitive operation via the selection and control keys of the GREINER control element, the MULTILINE NEXT IT for infusion and transfusion therapy

promises high levels of seated and reclining comfort in all situations. The three-motor couch quickly and gently moves to any required or preferred position – from seated, relax and bed positions to the

emergency Trendelenburg position – at the touch of a button. Access and exit is considerably eased by the vertical leg section and access height of 54 cm. The GREINER design concept makes it easy for caregivers and patients to use the powerful motors for the back, seat and leg sections efficiently. Mobile, stable and secure.

Tailored to your specifications – MULTILINE NEXT IT

The crucial factor in Konitz for deciding to purchase was that the tender for a chair offer something that is both appealing in terms of furnishing and that also provides concrete benefits for examination and treatment. The positive response from nursing staff and patients was as much about the comfort of sitting and lying down as it was about the ease of mobility. The highest requirement criteria were met with the “Zero Gravity” relaxation position, comfortable upholstery and comfortable entry and exit features. The nursing staff also referred to the simple and easy-to-understand operation as well as the time-saving hygiene and care of the upholstery.

Thanks to the space-saving design with a foot section at a 90° angle, the MULTILINE NEXT IT creates additional space at every installation position. On the one hand, this increases the possibilities and flexibility for the clinic team, and on the other hand, it gives patients more space for rest and privacy during treatment. The ergonomics and quality of the armrests became a clear competitive advantage in the tendering process, which was clearly demonstrated during the trial. In the end, there was a clear vote for MULTILINE NEXT IT. Congratulations!