Tripoli, Libya, October 2020: "Innovation, therapy, faith, opportunities." The prospects for patients with chronic kidney failure in Libya have improved significantly. Because, as of recently, a state-of-the-art dialysis centre has been opened in Tripoli to offer them treatment. Those affected are of course very happy about this new offer, and this is passionately shared by the practitioners and nursing staff, who can now provide children and adults with appropriate therapy.

Top-quality medical care can now be offered here: with the opening of the ultra-modern dialysis centre with haemodialysis machines from Baxter and therapy chairs and side tables from GREINER. It only took a few months for the project management to complete the entire station and hand it over to the operators for opening. A genuine success story!

The great commitment of all those involved and a well-thought-out training programme for the care team ensured that the necessary transfer of know-how could be mastered during this time. It was driven by the desire to be able to provide these patients with a range of therapies as quickly as possible that would offer them new hope and opportunities over the long term.

globally successful cooperation 

The dialysis centre was set up by our partner Assada (ASSADA COMPANY FOR THE IMPORTATION OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS) – equipped with MULTILINE NEXT DC chairs and matching BT side tables. This project is an outstanding example of the globally successful cooperation between GREINER medbest and its highly qualified distribution partners. Trust in the sustainable success of these associations strengthens us today and will also do so in the future.

Around the world, clinics and medical centres rely on GREINER's "Made in Germany" products – whether therapy chairs, side tables or even the innovative SMT SMART MEDIATABLE. The first SMTs have already been delivered to Assada, which the dialysis patients will soon be enthusiastic about.

For all partners and users, there are always two main decision-making criteria. On the one hand, there are innovative performance features that offer the highest level of comfort to patients and make care comfortable in an efficient, practical and economical way. On the other hand, you have the product and service quality, which is exemplary for the robustness of all parts and the long service life of the chairs, as well as the ability to react quickly if and when there are questions or problems.


DC stands for dialysis and chemotherapy. For these applications, GREINER has developed a technologically innovative chair for clinics and practices. Extra soft padding under the soft and hard-wearing covers ensures maximum patient comfort. Smooth surfaces and seams reduced to a minimum optimise hygiene conditions at the same time. The 5-point armrests set standards in therapy. And powerful electric motors gently and steplessly put patients in the best sitting and lying positions – right up to the Trendelenburg position in case of an emergency.

Comfort, functionality and ergonomics – all of these in a dialysis chair.

Infinitely electronically adjustable, intelligent and easy to operate using the choice and cursor keys of the GREINER controlling device: the MULTILINE NEXT DC with 3, 4 or 5 motors offers high seating and lying comfort in any position.

From the sitting, relaxing or sleeping position to the emergency Trendelenburg position, the chair moves quickly and smoothly to any desired or required position at the touch of a button.

With GREINER, you can equip your chairs to meet your requirements. You choose your cover and upholstery individually. Premium upholstery fabric and upholstery offers soft, hard-wearing surfaces and allows the spine, pelvis and hips to move freely due to an elastic-dynamic spring system in the seat part. The result is comfortable pressure relief for the patient. The MULTILINE 5-point armrests also set standards because they are the only ones that can be moved in 5 directions.

Tailored to your specifications – MULTILINE NEXT DC

Innovative strength, product and service quality were also the essential decision-making factors in Tripoli. The positive response from nursing staff and patients underlines after a short time what is behind this. The sitting and lying comfort during the hours of a time-consuming therapy, as well as ergonomic handling and easy mobility for the nursing staff. The ergonomics and quality of the armrests became a clear competitive advantage. In the end, there was a clear vote for MULTILINE NEXT DC.

Congratulations to the patients and the clinic management in Tripoli, as well as to our partner Assada and his entire team!