GREINER launched in Jordan

On Tuesday evening more than 80 delegates were welcomed by Noor Al Sabah who represents leading medical and laboratory instruments in Jordan and GREINER GmbH  for a presentation and dinner event at the Movenpick Hotel in Amman.

Whilst everybody would have heard and experienced the great product and services of NSC in Jordan and many other countries in the Middle East, it was a first for GREINER to be in Jordan and to present our examination and treatment chairs as well as the workstools and the very new and innovative SMT – Smart Mediatable. The professionals from all corners of the medical field throughout Jordan came to hear about the history of GREINER – the development over the last 100 years and where the company is standing now. The variety of products and medical fields GREINER is active in was very positively noted.

After the presentation the delegates could have a hands-on experience on the products and feel and see the quality and high functionality of the well-designed products by themselves.

We would like to thank everybody for attending and spending a great and very informative evening where experience and skill was to be found in abundance in all stakeholders.

Hope to see you all again in good health very soon!

The exciting and informative evening was followed by visits at respective hospitals that have  already been using GREINER products for many years. We had talks and a feedback session with the key users. There was a very warm and friendly welcome at the Specialty Hospital which are using our SITA which has a firm place in the hospital everyday life and the feedback we got was without exception positive. In the Royal Hospital, we could experience a very modern hospital, some of the units still in development. Excellent services ask for the best medical equipment. GREINER has a lot to offer for various scenarios. Our advice has fallen on receptive ears. The MULTILINE NEXT IT is appreciated by patients and staff alike.  In the King Hussein Cancer Centre we were able to convince ourselves of a number of SITA belong to the clinic life and that are used frequently thoughout the day.

Last but not least, there was a visit at Prince Rashid bin Al-Hasan Military Hospital in the North of Jordan, in Irbid. Here, we saw the MULTILINE NEXT DC in full swing. The GREINER solution for dialysis treatment lives up to its reputation. Patients and users are very pleased about quality and functionality of the therapy chairs.

GREINER is well-accepted in Jordan and we are looking forward to many more projects in Jordan in the near future that we can tackle with our strong and customer-focused partner Noor Al Sabah.

Photo: Sabah in der ML NEXT DC