DWA and GREINER are combining marketing forces in the market for dialysis care in 2018

Combining forces, saving ways, using contacts - such agreements make sense and enjoyment. DWA GmbH & Co. KG, Ubstadt-Weiher, a globally active supplier of dialysis water treatment and concentrate care, and GREINER GmbH, Pleidelsheim, as the manufacturer of dialysis chairs in a leading position in patient comfort, have agreed to join forces in 2018 to tread the market.

Cooperation made in Germany

If two independent companies of comparable size, both based in Baden-Württemberg and known as a manufacturer "made in Germany", are active in the same market with different or partly complementary products, they generally know each other very well. If they meet in the same industry on a regular basis around the world, the basis is to work together, to support each other and to use synergies. Without being firmly connected. DWA and GREINER have developed this idea together and are now working to put that approach into action.
Joint international training for distributors - exchange of products for the exhibition - common platform at international fairs and congresses - etc.

Joint distribution partners at home and abroad will in future be spared many strenuous, time-consuming and duplicate ways: it’s planned to combine product or service trainings. Technology, products and systems are mutually exhibited and presented and trained one after the other. A win-win situation for the two companies as well as their partners who can save time and travel costs. The cooperation will be clearly visible at international trade fairs and congresses. Here, the joint appearance of both companies on a combined DWA GREINER booth is gaining in format, the attractiveness for visitors is increasing, while the planning effort and also fixed costs can be reduced.

The cooperation is therefore a good idea at the start, which turn out to be positive at first and second glance and will make everyone involved happy. We look forward to the cooperation!

DWA GmbH & Co. KG

DWA has been specializing in innovative solutions for the ultrapure water supply of dialysis centers since 1984 and develops systems for the production of ultrapure permeates and its distribution down to the dialysis machine. The know-how extends from precursors to reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and hot disinfection systems to media collection centers. DWA continues to develop systems for the distribution of acid concentrates. Since its inception, DWA has set new standards in dialysis water treatment and is still the only company that produces ultra-pure permeate through the combination of reverse osmosis, central ultrafiltration and hot disinfection, while at the same time enabling hot disinfection of the loop to the dialysis machines. DWA GmbH & Co. KG, Great Sand 8, 76698 Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany.


The joy of healthy and comfortable sitting has driven us since 1922. For many decades also with high-quality and technically high-quality chairs in the area of medbest: Innovative developments "made in Germany" for examination, dialysis, oncology, blood donation, care and transport. Our quality promise is confirmed by an independently audited quality assurance system - GREINER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 13485. GREINER GmbH, Wettestraße 1, 74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany.