SMT – Smart Media Table. That’s how you reach out to patients these days.

Mobile touchscreen for patients with intuitive usability – flexible, hygienic, safe and userfriendly. Dialysis, oncology, children‘s ward and age nursing homes. The smart innovation for digital patients services celebrated its premiere at MEDICA 2019.


Digital communication directly at a patient's bedside or chair – mobile, flexible and customisable – is no longer a vision of the future. GREINER medbest presented this innovative solution to the general public for the first time at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf. The SMT offers patients individual and comfortable access to all kinds of digital services during their therapy or in-patient stay. This solution with a global focus was developed ready to market as part of a joint international project. The SMT can be connected to patients' smartphones (android devices) and transfers their usability to its 17" touch screen while simultaneously offering them all the online and offline services that a clinic or practice operator provides. Patient communication and comfort on a digital level. The touch screen is installed under a high-quality mineral glass pane as an integrated system able to be clicked into the flexible, stable and secure GREINER SMT-Cart, which allows ergonomical adaptation to the patient's position. The SMT also functions as a hygienic side table with a smooth surface that can handle a weight of up to 30 kilograms. This makes the SMT a long-awaited, really smart product for all types of therapy that involve time-consuming treatments, as well as for care in the ward.


Patients can’t wait.

"Patients need patience" was the saying in medicine for a long time. The SMT now proves that there is a different and better way: Many patients today have a high demand for digital communication that goes far beyond just a telephone and TV. Products such as this that allow proportioned and controlled access to the professional environment are particularly in demand, especially for long-term therapy sessions, which can last many hours, such as dialysis or chemotherapy or for inpatient admission or rehab. Let us also not forget the children and adolescents undergoing long-term therapy who no longer have to feel like they are getting left behind thanks to TeleLearning opportunities. The SMT paves the way to all suitable online services in a controlled manner. It also provides patients with an individual selection of operator‘s infotainment and entertainment services. This eliminates the need for cumbersome TV sets in the room. This is how therapeutic measures and digitization are merged for the patient's benefit.


Smarter, safer, better.

Whether in dialysis centres or oncology, whether in single or multiple occupancy rooms, these days the communication needs of patients everywhere are forced to compete with the hygiene and safety requirements necessary in treatment rooms. The SMT demonstrates how all these requirements can be met. It is mobile and flexible and in "Plug & Play mode" on the spot. It is easy to move into position, can be tilted at the desired angle for ease of operation, has an additional storage option in addition to the screen surface and, thanks to its safety height lift, does not disrupt the chair’s movement to the shock position in case of emergency. The antimicrobial surface also means hygienically flawless operation and cleaning.

Innovative and smart. The Smart Media Table from GREINER brings digital transformation with its  intuitive user interface directly to a patient's bed or treatment chair. It is as easy as using apps on a smartphone. But visibly larger like on a big tablet, with significantly better usability. From today's perspective, the options that result from this seem almost limitless. With great advantages for all sides:

 For patients. Smarter access to meet individual communication needs – whether private, professional, educational or therapeutic.

 For nursing staff. A time saver for staff supervising many patients through self-explanatory services and apps. The use of tools for the benefit of monitoring medication, compliance with therapeutic measures or for the booking of treatment services.

 For the clinic. On one hand, it is an efficient communication channel for patient services and lucrative supplemental services, on the other hand, it is a clear competitive advantage for the facility itself. Efficiency gains are also achieved by eliminating the need for TV wall sets, wall mounting and cabling.


The SMT launch is coming soon.

The GREINER SMT will be introduced to the market in spring 2020. Get ready! Your GREINER distributor will be happy to provide you with a live demo.