As a non-invasive procedure, the resting ECG and EEG can be carried out in a doctor's surgery or as an outpatient procedure in a hospital. A relaxed resting position and easy access to the head and chest are vital for brain wave measurement and the recording of the heartbeat. With the carryLine models, GREINER offers doctors tried and tested solutions. For the execution of MGR, for example, the comfortable chairs with split backrest are ideal - the surface of the patient's head is freely accessible for attaching electrodes.

Finding the right EEG chair

With the carryline series, we offer three different base models, which are perfectly suitable as EEG chair or ECG chair. Thus, all three basic models - depending on the application - can be supplied with a one-piece or split backrest. For the EEG procedure, a split backrest is recommended, as the patient's head surface is freely accessible for attaching the electrodes. The backrest of the EEG chair folded backwards is used to quickly remove electrodes or other small objects. The illustration shows the carryline fix with split backrest as EEG chair.

EEG chair: splitted backrest (two-part)
EKG chair: one-part backrest


But not only the division of the backrest can be tailored to your individual requirements. Depending on your wishes, you can choose between recliners in non-mobile fixed version or mobile mobile version. Numerous other options make it easier for staff to do their daily work and ensure the highest possible patient comfort.

EEG chair in fixed design

The carryline fix is a non-mobile fixed EEG chair or ECG chair available. The lower part is fixed and without height adjustment, the adjustment of the lying surface is either manually or electrically. Particularly as a version with split backrest, the carryline fix proves to be an EEG chair at an excellent price-performance ratio.

EEG chair in mobile design

With the carryline cross and the carryline mobile, you will find two EEG chairs in wheeled design that meet the highest demands. The carryline cross, with its agile chassis, impresses with maximum mobility even in confined spaces. The large front castors of the carryline mobile are designed to overcome minor obstacles very gently. Both models provide comfortable transportation - for both patient and staff.

Covering and colours for your eeg chair

Patient-friendly sitting and reclining comfort is always in the focus of our upholstery and cover materials. There are numerous color combinations available for the EEG chairs and ECG chairs in the carryline model series, which you can put together individually and adapt to your practice or hospital furnishings. The material meets both the requirements for comfort and appearance, as well as the daily routine for durability, cleaning and disinfection. Specifically, GREINER cover material is available in two versions:

compact .: our line, which is characterized by patient comfort, longevity and variety in 20 colors.

premium.: innovative line that sets new standards with its super-soft and at the same time much more durable surface, and which, in combination with pressure-relieving springs in the seat section, continues to offer unmatched comfort to date.

Premium cover materials for EEG chairs and ECG chairs are available in 12 different colors. Discover all colors and covers in our color sample card.


Of course you will also find our color sample card for EEG chairs and EKG chairs here for download.