The treatment and examination chair is a focal point for patient care in many medical practices. Comfortable cushioning makes the patient feel at ease. The easy-to-use electronic motor controls allow the doctor to place the patient quickly in the desired position. The GREINER range is designed for all different applications. From the relatively simple variety of medseat with a hydraulic pump column to the all-in-one medseat solution with electronic controls, we have the right chair for every practice.

The appropriate treatment chairs for every need

GREINER offers treatment chairs and examination chairs in various designs with a variety of applications for hospitals and medical practices. Depending on your needs you can choose between treatment chairs with

  • electric height adjustment
  • hydraulic height adjustment
  • or without height adjustment

With unique configuration options and extensive accessories, we ensure that our treatment chairs meet the high demands of both staff and patients.

If you are not sure which treatment chair or examination chair is the right one, we and the authorized retailer are at your disposal. For this you can simply send us an inquiry via our contact form or contact us by phone at + 49- (0) 7144-8112-0.

Treatment chairs without height adjustment

With the sita chair and the MULTILINE NEXT IT we offer two treatment chairs, which are available without height adjustment. If no electric or hydraulic lift is required, two high-quality treatment couches are available at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Of course, you also do not have to do without our usual configuration options and various extras for the treatment chairs without height adjustment. For example, both the sita and the MULTILINE NEXT IT allow the backrest and leg section to be infinitely adjusted. With the MULTILINE, this adjustment is done by means of three motors, which also allow the adjustment of the seat.

Hydraulically height-adjustable treatment couches

In many areas of application, manually adjustable treatment or examination chairs with hydraulic vertical lifts are a cost-effective solution, without compromising on the comfort of the patient's vertical positioning. For example, the hydraulic version of the medseat is equipped with a 20 cm hydraulic lift pump and manual synchronous lying surface adjustment. The Sita model has a backrest and leg support that can be adjusted separately and continuously to reach the horizontal.

Treatment chairs with electric height adjustment

To ensure better comfort during treatment, several of our treatment chairs are electrically height adjustable. This allows you to choose between hydraulic or electric height adjustment for the Medseat. In addition to a height stroke of 30 cm, the electric version of the Medseats also offers an electric reclining area adjustment, in which the separate adjustment of leg and back sections is optionally possible. Depending on the model, the Multiline Next DC, equipped with 3-5 motors, allows continuous adjustment of the back, seat, leg section, height and footrest to the desired position.

Covering and colours for your treatment chair:

Comfort, coverings and colours. High standards in terms of design, materials, technology and ergonomics combined with a flexibility built around the customer’s needs makes GREINER a premium partner for a quality-conscious clientele. This is why its upholstery and cover fabrics are all about providing patients with the level of comfort they are looking for when sitting or lying down – if necessary for hours on end, as some treatments can take a long time. As well as leaving nothing to be desired in terms of its look and comfort, the fabric is also robust enough to handle daily use, cleaning and disinfection. There are two types of GREINER cover fabric to choose from: the diverse “compact.” range, which offers patient comfort and durability and comes in 20 colours, and the innovative “premium” range, which is setting new standards with its ultrasmooth yet much sturdier surface and which boasts an unprecedented degree of comfort in combination with pressurerelieving springs in the seat. Available in 12 different colours, the range is a top-class choice, particularly for patients due to be lying down for several hours. 


Of course you will also find our color sample card for treatment chairs and examination chairs here for download.