Mobilisation demands the use of highly practical medical chairs - care staff must be given the best possible assistance in their procedures with patients of reduced mobility. With their high manoeuvrability, GREINER mobilisation chairs can be pushed close to the bed, are perfectly height adjustable and have locking wheels to prevent from rolling away when moving the patient from the bed to the chair. Then the chair can be smoothly adjusted to an upright sitting position. The padded back panel provides comfort and lateral support during transport or sitting.

The right mobilization chair for your patients

After years of close collaboration with international hospitals and clinics, we have developed various mobilization chairs that can help facilitate the work processes with motion-restricted patients. Thus, you have several options to equip your facility as needed. Choose between mobilization chairs without height adjustment, with height adjustment and the special development for dealing with obese patients.

Mobilization chairs with height adjustment

On mobilization chairs with height adjustment, on the other hand, the patient can also be perfectly adjusted in height, for example when changing between chair and couch. The height stroke can be done either electrically or hydraulically. In many models, a manual or electrical synchronous adjustment of the lying surface is possible for the ergonomic sitting and lying position of the upright posture to the flat position.

The goal of our development was to create a reclining system that may be able to assist in all aspects of the care of obese patients. As a rule, the mechanics can use the Multiline XXL universal, e.g. for transport, for examinations and treatments, as a nursing chair, resting or casserole songs after an operation.

Colours and covers for your mobilization chairs

The focus of our upholstery and cover materials is on patient-friendly sitting and lying comfort. The material of the mobilization chairs and massage chairs fulfills the requirements for comfort and appearance, as well as the daily routine for durability, cleaning and disinfection. In addition, all our fabrics are biocompatible, heat-resistant, disinfectant-resistant, urine and blood resistant, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant, long-lasting. For the transport and mobilization chair Taxelo, the reference material compact stands. to disposal. All other mobilization chairs are also available in premium. Fabric.

compact .: our line, which is characterized by patient comfort, longevity and variety in 20 colors.

premium.: innovative line that sets new standards with its super-soft and at the same time much more durable surface, and which, in combination with pressure-relieving springs in the seat section, continues to offer unmatched comfort to date.

Premium cover materials for the mobilization chairs and mobilization loungers are available in 12 different colors. Discover all colors and covers in our color sample card.

Of course, you will also find our colour sample card for mobilization chairs and mobilization beds here for download.