START YOUR VACCINE TREATMENTS WITH GREINER! The global vaccination campaign against the Sars-CoV-2 virus has already been started. Around the world, new vaccination centres are opening their doors now step by step. There are very large centres in clinics, trade fair and congress halls, in converted and newly furnished event locations, but just as many small units in medical practices, pharmacies or old people's and nursing homes. Quickly equipping the individual vaccination stations or sites under these conditions is a real challenge – and GREINER is the competent partner for doing that.


Because GREINER will stand at your side with advice and the right products – for example, you will have a variable treatment chair that can do everything: from safe positioning, even of heavy patients weighing up to 220 kg, to simple adjustment options for vaccination in sitting or lying position as well as safe positioning in the event of sudden weakness, up to transport to the next site. GREINER solutions can be used many ways, are hygienically safe to disinfect, and are therefore perfect for equipping vaccination centres.


All the necessary elements are at hand in the best quality for equipping efficient vaccination stations: a treatment chair, work stool, side table or even a comfortable transport chair that is also set up for emergencies. Available at short notice and easily and quickly scalable for vaccination centres of all sizes. The cover materials for the chair and stool can be selected from Compact and Premium – the colour variants are so diverse that they are suitable for any environment.

All products are characterised by mobility and durability, so that they will be reliably available even when patients are constantly coming in. Hygienically perfect, smooth surfaces, seams reduced to a minimum and thus prepared for all requirements. And visually, they are also a very good calling card for every vaccination centre.



In Germany, for example, equipping individual vaccination stations must be in accordance with the regulations of the local governmental authorities: the vaccination sites themselves may generally have up to 4 stations per vaccinator. As part of a specific "one-way street concept", a rest and/or medical area must be set up for after the vaccination so that the patients can still be monitored for possible circulatory weaknesses. In that respect, transporting also needs to be taken into account.



SITA recliner chair

Whether fixed or mobile on castors, it is used primarily for blood collection and infusion therapy, for treatment or as a rest and acupuncture chair. Operation is as simple as it is convenient: when the right-hand operating lever is pushed back, the mechanism unlocks the backrest and can be steplessly moved horizontally. When discharged, it self-aligns thanks to a pneumatic spring. The forward lever position regulates the leg rest. Perfect ergonomics for patients. And helpful relief for the nursing staff, whose tasks are best supported by a stable base with capacity for 220 kg patient weight, individually steerable 10 cm castors and a handle on the mobile model, as well as accessories such as phlebotomy armrest, infusion rod, patient table and the standard bars for attaching individual utensils.



GREINER work stools stand for ergonomic seating comfort that convinces: the wide range of work chairs and work stools with or without backrests fits all areas of examination and treatment. Make your choice now from the wide range of medbest workstools, which you can adapt perfectly to the specific requirements with a multitude of variants, covers and equipment features.

BT and BT PLUS side tables

The epitome of functionality, ergonomics, stability and hygiene, these overchair tables have been meticulously designed to ensure they meet the most stringent requirements of patients and nurses alike. The sturdy frame in typical GREINER quality is combined with smooth-running castors to ensure the table is easy to move while still safely holding loads of up to 30 kilos. Powerful pneumatic springs make it easy to gently adjust the height of the tray with one hand – and provides added safety if the patient is in the emergency Trendelenburg position.



With its special chassis (disc wheels of 300 mm and braked rear guide castors of 125 mm), taxelo easily travers barriers such as thresholds and small platforms. The upper part of the chair can be reclined with the help of levers, fixed on both sides under the armrests. It may also be inclined forward by 5° allowing an easy entrance and exit. The upper part can be reclined steplessly into a relax position. The legrest can be adjusted continuously with the help of a lever, which is fixed underneath the seat, or simply by pulling it up. In connection with the seat inclination, the legrest can be adjusted from a relieving relax position up to a 19° elevated position of the legs.



Learn everything about the various therapy chairs, work stools and side tables on the GREINER medbest website. Or find out about the GREINER product range at your local medical distributors. GREINER and its partners will stand at your side with advice and assistance.