Original Equipment Seats – Our fields of Expertise

We have been developing and producing vehicle seats for over 30 years. This makes us one of the few companies in Germany to cover the whole vertical manufacturing process: we start with engineering and design, make prototypes and then take the product to the manufacturing and production stage. As our aim is to supply seats that offer outstanding comfort and high quality in terms of functionality and technical features, we deal with all stages of the work in house. We have our own development department and their plans are executed by our employees, who are also based in Germany.

Small individual series

Production runs may be small but special requirements often demand very considerable expertise. Even when we produce small batches, we rely on flexible processes and rapid exchange of information with our customers to ensure our vehicle seats will meet your requirements. We operate cost-effectively by deploying efficient processes and clear structures, whereas series manufacturers may not be working at full capacity.


production and manufacturing

All production control is carried out in house to ensure the quality of our vehicle seats. Here we obtain maximum benefit for our customers thanks to modern manufacturing technology and our many years of experience. Starting with metalworking and the production of seat coverings and continuing through to final assembly, we deploy reproducible manufacturing processes that improve quality and efficiency and also reduce waste.


design and development

Our designers and developers aim to implement our customers' instructions into a product that combines function with appealing industrial design. To achieve this, our experts use their considerable creative energy every day to deliver pioneering ideas and efficient solutions. The ruseults are ergonomic seats offering the utmost driving pleasure by innovative technologies and practical functionality. We use special colour and material designs to reflect the individual corporate identity of our customers.


Ergonomics and Safety

Apart from needs-based functionality, the ergonomic and safety of vehicle seats are of primary importance. We are passionate about developing vehicle seats that make driving even safer and more comfortable. High demands are placed on both, the driver and the seat, especially when driving on difficult terrain and during long journeys. Our top priority is always to protect the driver and provide maximum comfort.


Prototyping and testing procedures

Prototypes and test procedures ensure, on the one hand that our vehicle seats meet our users requirements but on the other hand that they meet all the usual safety regulations. During this phase of development the feedback of the customers is especially important to obtain the maximium benefit out of the prototypes. Therefore we can ensure that the seat meets all requirements before the actual production.