Surgery chair 309


  • Surgery armrests are individually adjustable
  • Support of the relief of the shoulders, neck muscles and spinal discs of the surgeon
  • Adjustable backrest with dumping function
  • Seating surface with activatable tilt-adjuster, which can be adapted to the weight
  • High level of seating comfort thanks to comfortable upholstery
  • Height adjustable by hand or foot release

Technical data

Weight 12 kg- 16 kg
Seat width 44 cm
Seat depth 44 cm
Seat height 49-61 cm; 56-75 cm
Seat height with foot release 53-73 cm
Diameter of castors 50 mm
Overall width 76 cm
Max. user weight 130 kg


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surgery chair 309

Chairs of series 309 were especially developed for the use in operating theatres. These chairs come with manifold adjustably armrests which support the relief of the shoulders, neck muscles and spinal discs of the surgeon. The support pads can be adjusted sideways by 9 cm and by approximately 40° backwards as well as by 45° forewards. They can also be adjusted in height by 17 cm and rotate by 360°. The backrest which has a cushioning effect can be adjusted in height by 9 cm and in depth by 3 cm. The seat can be inclined according to the weight of the user with the help of a lever. The chair is electroconductive. The height adjustment is either done by a foot release or by a hand release which is situated under the seat.

Surgical chair with comfortable equipment

The main focus in the design of this chair was on the long-term gentle effects for the operator. Thus, the OP chair has various adjustable armrests, which relieve the shoulder area, the neck muscles and the intervertebral discs of the operator. The support cushions can be swiveled laterally by 9 cm and approx. 40 ° backwards, as well as approx. 45 ° forwards. They can also be adjusted in height by 17 cm and rotated 360 ° around its own axis.

The backrest with damping function is adjustable in height by 9 cm, in depth by 3 cm. The seat of the OP chair has a switchable inclinator, which can be adjusted to the weight of the user. The chair is electrically conductive. The height adjustment is made either by a foot release or by a manual release under the seat. Especially in surgical use, a contamination-free height adjustment is thus always guaranteed.



Technical overview of the surgery chair

Due to its robust construction, the surgery chair is not only designed for longevity, but also carries a maximum person weight of up to 130 kg. Depending on the version, it weighs only 12 kg to 16 kg and can therefore be maneuvered effortlessly, even if it gets hectic. The stable 50 mm rollers of the OP chair can be moved very gently. Further technical details of the surgical chair can be found above the "Technical Data" tab or our product brochure for the surgical chair.