MULTILINE NEXT DC chair in the Belgian day clinic.

Due to frequently confined room conditions, especially chairs, which are able to play their qualities in cramped spaces, are highly requested in oncological day clinics. The traditional hospital azWest in Belgium set their focus on innovative solutions from GREINER in the dialysis and oncology.

Tradition meets innovation.

Already in 1461 the so-called “Zwartzusters” looked after the healthcare in the Belgian Veurne. Throughout their initiative the azWest rised, which counts not only to the greatest employer in the region, but also to the most extensive offer of care with more than 700 employees and 220 beds.

In the day clinic of oncology, the traditional house puts their focus on the diverse solutions of GREINER GmbH – 16 MULTILINE NEXT DC chairs in combination with comfortable overchair tables BT plus help the daily care of patients.

More value in the oncology.

With their space-saving design, the advanced level on comfort and safety meet the precise requirements of oncological day clinics. Patients and the care team don’t have to waive any performance characteristics – on the contrary, the chair brings the patient rapidly in the most comfortable position as possible for the therapy.

The flexible over chair tables BT plus with inclinable tablet satisfy each wish, to offer the patient during the therapy time of dialysis or chemotherapy a treatment as comfortable as possible. Built in a unique mix out of stability and lightness, height adjustable with only one hand, suitable for taking all things that are concerned about the well-being of the patient.

True to the GREINER guideline “we design quality.” the new over chair tables also set standards.